4 Levels of Hindu Culture

Hindu culture teaches so much knowledge and knowledge to its adherents. Besides learning about religion, from there they can also learn about each other. In this case, human learning between vertical relationships with God will be balanced with horizontal relationships with other humans.

Well, one that is taught in the culture itself is about 4 levels that exist in the culture of Hinduism itself. This level is often also referred to as class or caste, where someone will be differentiated in carrying out their duties and obligations according to the caste position they occupy.

4 Levels of Hindu Culture

4 Levels of Hindu Culture


First, there is the Brahmin. The Brahmin caste itself is the highest caste of the other 3 castes. A brahmin caste is a place for those scholars, mastering the teachings, customs, manners, to religion. No doubt those who occupy this position will often make teachers and pastors their profession.


Second, there is a Knight. The Warrior caste is the second-highest caste after the Brahmin caste. This caste will be filled by those who are located as nobles, community leaders, or community leaders. Those who often fight for and voice for the weak and oppressed groups of people are also often included in this caste.


Third is Vaishya. In this position, those who have no higher profession such as farmers, traders, and entrepreneurs will enter this caste. In this caste, they often do not have the opportunity to determine the sound or movement if they experience dissatisfaction. This is of course because this right can only be exercised by those who occupy a higher caste than this Vaishya caste.


Fourth, or the last is Sudra. This caste is the last and lowest caste of Hindu culture. Those who work as servants and workers will be included in this caste. They are only asked to do things that rely on physical strength, talent, expertise, and obedience. That way, they will be trusted in terms of the task of prospering the community and the country.

4 Levels of Hindu Culture

4 Levels of Hindu Culture

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