Hindu Cultural Values and Everything About Them

Hindu cultural values might be one of the many interesting things about this religion. Hinduism is closely linked to India even though not all Indians practice Hinduism. More than anything, almost 80 percent of Indian society describe themselves as Hindu.

An interesting fact about Hinduism, the one you’ve found in India is not as similar to the practice in Bali Indonesia. They worship various gods and tighten the local cultures, which make Hinduism practices might differ from one to another country.

General nature of Hinduism

Hindus accept the organic nature with pluralistic and multileveled traditions. This character is what makes Hindu looks strikingly different from other major religious societies. They put truth on the priority. Thus, the truth must be sought in various sources, by any form. Yet, truth is not dogmatically proclaimed.

No matter where the religion is practiced, the foremost virtue of Hinduism is tolerance. On the other hand, Hindus put Hinduism more like a way of life instead of a religion, as part of Hindu cultural values. Thus, a lot of people from many countries practice Hinduism.

Customs and celebrations

Just like any other religion, Hindus also celebrate several occasions, even many of them. If you are in Bali, different villages may celebrate different celebrations. More than anything, Diwali is the most important holiday yet the biggest occasion for Hindus, especially in India. The festival runs for five days and people lit the lights during the celebration. Those are the symbols of the inner light that put a fence towards the spiritual darkness.

Other than Diwali, you will also find the Holi which celebrates colors. This festival is also called the festival of love. If you come and visit India during the spring, you may contribute to this festival.

Customs and celebrations

Customs and celebrations

The food

Indian cuisine is highly affected by the Moghul Empire even though many other countries also inspire the foods. It can be found on heavy uses of spices and herbs on their dishes. The staples in India include Basmati rice and chana. Everything tastes spices and curries, in a good way. Other spices that dominate your taste might be cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, and ginger to name a few. You will also find thick condiments made of fruits and veggies which are generously used in Indian cuisine.

There are a lot of interesting things about India and Hinduism. When you visit India, make sure you learn a lot of Hindu cultural values from the “mother”.

Hindu Cultural Practices Around India

Hindu cultural practices around India are something you cannot miss. Even though Hinduism is not specifically describing India, this country is populated by more than 50 percent of Hindus. Thus, in this article, we will discuss all unique cultural practices happening around India. The practices are often being done as part of worship and devotion.

Theyyam: The dance of the gods

As its name suggests, this is a dance performance. Some rituals done by locals are also included in the performance while those locals are considered being possessed by a god. This practice has been around for thousands of years now. Besides in local shrines, some households also host this ritual from village to village. As part of Hindu cultural practices, this performance involves the rooster’s blood.

Aadi Festival

There is an old temple named Mahalakshmi Temple in Tamil Nadu. When the Aadi Festival (the Hindu Tamil festival) took place, a peculiar tradition was being hosted. The tradition involves some willing devotees and the priest of the temple. The priest will break coconuts on the heads of devotees and they believe that their wishes will come true by doing so.

Serpent worship

There is a Hindu festival named Nag Panchami when some snakes are being worshiped. The snakes are not just regular snakes. Several places like Bengal, Orissa, Assam, and several places in Mumbai worship love snakes. Many people come along to witness the ritual and pay respects. Meanwhile, Punjab makes a huge snake dough made of butter and flour by the entire villagers. The dough will be taken to each house before being buried together.

Serpent worship

Serpent worship

Dropping infants

This is another unusual thing done by people in India. Besides Hindus, Muslims also do this tradition. It involves some babies being dropped from 50 feet height while some men catch them by using a cloth. This tradition is believed to bring good luck for the babies though. Almost the entire India still practices this tradition no matter how terrifying it looks.

Eating on the floor

Besides eating by hand, most temples in India also serve visitors to eat on the floor. You will find Hindu devotees cross-legged sitting on the floor while holding a plate or banana leaves and eating their food. They believe this pose can max the body’s ability to digest and absorb food. Other than being a tradition, this practice also shows how equality and humility have become parts of Hindu cultural practices.

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