The Hindu Cultural Organisation is a charitable trust founded by the Indian community of Liverpool. Registered Charity No. is 261646. Liverpool has an increasing Hindu population comprising of Businessmen, Doctors, IT professionals, Private and Public Sector employees and students coming from India to seek higher education. Shree Radha Krishna Hindu Temple is formed by the Hindu community in Liverpool to practice their religious faith. The essence of Hinduism is to spread and follow the ethos of love, peace and devotion towards the almighty in a secular society which is so diverse and complex in nature. HCO works with other faiths to promote harmony.

The Hindu religion is the oldest known religion dates back to 3000 BC. The first Hindu temple was set up at 31 Botanic Road Liverpool in 1957 by a group of devotees. In 1976, the temple moved to its present location. The organisations has a constitution and the temple functioning is carried out as per its guidelines. Puja and Arti is performed daily.Every Tuesday, a gathering of devotees take part in puja and arti followed by meals prepared in the temple�s kitchen.

  • President : High Commissioner of India
  • Trustees : Dr. Shashi Singhal ; Mr. R L Juneja, Mr P Talwar; Mr S P Malhotra
  • Patrons : Pt. Ravi Shankar ; Lord Mayor of Liverpool City Council
  • Vice President : Mr N P Malhotra
The list of elected committee members in the recent elections held on 22nd April 2012 are stated as under: 
  • Chairman : Dr B K Sinha
  • Vice Chairman: Mr J N Saini
  • Secretary : Mr Yash Bir Kohli
  • Treasurer : Mrs Rita Jethi
  • Committee Members:
         Mr.  Ramanand Dawar
         Dr. Akhilesh Sharma
         Mr. Vishwa Mitter
         Mrs Jyoti Vithlani
         Mr J Lal Singh
         Dr Harish Chandra Tiwari
         Dr. Madhusudan Mehta
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